Y’akoto – Moving.


Ein Gedanke zu “Y’akoto – Moving.

  1. Moving Songtext:

    I should be so hurt
    Coz your rejection is so obvious
    And I feel stupid
    And I cry and I cry and I cry and I cry
    But then I tell myself
    That it would be okay
    But it’s not true
    I still love you

    You keep me moving
    In and out of myself
    Moving left and right
    Moving forward and backward

    In and out of myself
    Moving left and right
    Moving in the other direction

    But instead of feeling like a fool
    I will use you
    I will turn my lost love
    Into something new

    You see a broken heart
    Needs some fool
    I need some shots
    Otherwise I will stop


    But why should I stand still
    I’m moving out of your heart
    I’m moving to the next
    I’m starting to care less

    I’m finding someone new
    Something good
    Coz moving into my soul
    Is so much better than moving on you

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